Saturday 15 July marks what would be the 61st birthday of Joy Division’s late front man, Ian Curtis.

The affinity between our brand and that band is undeniable- Underground ‘s 1981 beginnings in Manchester during the post-punk epoch that Joy Division paved the way for have been central to what we do here. We cannot help but take pride in our modest, post-punk beginnings as a rare trainer store, serving the subcultural needs of Manchester’s youth.

Yet without being stuck in the past, we want every product we sell to capture the spirit of our heritage as well as our contemporary vigour. And so much of that spirit is thanks to the quiet, restrained revolution Joy Division brought to balance the chaos and anger of the punks domineering that scene. The music of Ian Curtis and his fellow band mates taught us about space, shape and sound- key aesthetic components of what we do here at Underground.

We are collaborating with one of the world’s foremost experts on Joy Division and Fandom, Jennifer Otter Bickerdike and promoting her book:’ Joy Devotion- The Importance of Ian Curtis and Fan Culture’.

At the same time we have gathered together products that take their inspiration from this busy post punk era. From our futuristic, soundwave-inspired Nox trainers to our high quality, hand-printed garments such as ‘The Sound and the Fury’, we hope to pay homage to the legacy and legend of Ian Curtis.